6 large eggs
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup and 1/2 cup sugar
2 13 oz cans evaporated milk
1 vanilla pod (Deseed and use the seeds)

This is based on a custard recipe, only it is cooked differently.

First things first, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Get out the containers you will be using for your mix and leave to one side.

Pour 1 cup of sugar in a pan and melt it over a medium heat. Once it magically transforms into golden caramel, quickly pour 2-3 tablespoons of it into the bottom of your containers. (Handy hint: Add a small amount of honey to keep it from hardening.)

Blend your eggs together and mix in the condensed milk and normal milk and slowly mix in the rest of the sugar, adding the vanilla last. Make sure the mix is smooth.

Pour this into your pots and put them in a large glass dish and fill with about 1-2 inches of hot water. (This is called a 'bain marie'.) Bake for 45 minutes in the bain marie and check with a knife. If it comes out clean, then it is all ready. Just make sure it's cool before you turn them out.


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