Do you have ASMR?

Now, don't start worrying. It's nothing bad (Or rude) but if you do have it you can use it to help you relax.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a tingling sensation that is mostly located in the scalp, but can travel down the back. Causes of this can be soft voices, page turning, hair brushing, tapping, lip smacking, watching someone type on a keyboard, tickling, playing with hair and many others.

Try searching on Youtube for ASMR and test out all the different types of triggers. If you tingle, you have ASMR! You lucky thing you!

You can use this sensation and the videos for relaxation and stress management. I personally like to play some before bed to wind down.

Want an example of an ASMR video? Here you go. Let me know if you get tingles!

Thank you to Gentlewhispering for this amazing video.