PictureArt © Rachel Prince
~* Are you ready for the Feast of Osiris? ~*~

The 26th-28th of July marks Feast of Osiris and is a time for celebrating the Earth and the wonders it creates.

Having a hard time figuring out what to do for your celebration? here are some handy tips:

1: Avoid eating fish and pig meat - These two things would be an insult. The pig being classed at a 'Seth beast' and the fish being a reminder of Osiris losing his 'manhood'.

2: Celebrate outdoors - Maybe in a wood, field, or even just in your garden.

3: Eat vegetables - This is a celebration of Osiris and his blessings.

So, why not have a veggie picnic with family and friends? Stuck for recipes? Go check out my recipes section!